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  Season 22: Episode 7

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November 23rd, 1996

Phil Hartman



Cliff Robertson

Rodney Dangerfield

Andy Murphy
O.J. TV Trial ReenactmentSummary: O.J. Simpson (Tim Meadows) causes shenanigans while being cross-exained in his latest trial.

Recurring Characters: O.J. Simpson.


Phil Hartman’s MonologueSummary: Phil Hartman discusses his many endorsement deals.


Lux 420SLSummary: Cliff Robertson endorses the car for crazy people.


House of CongressSummary: M-TV VJ Kincaid (Ana Gasteyer) rambles television nostolgia with Jesse Helms (Darrell Hammond).

Recurring Characters: Kincaid, Jesse Helms, Ted Kennedy.

TV FunhouseSummary: In a cartoon by Rob Smigel, a ga-ga Michael Jackson makes a play for little boys.


NEA Thanksgiving SongsSummary: Members of the National Endowment for the Arts endure a series of Thanksgiving song auditions.

Recurring Characters: Cinder Calhoun.

The Joe Pesci ShowSummary: Joe Pesci (Jim Breuer) and Frank Sinatra (Phil Hartman) give Michael Jackson (Tim Meadows) a hard time.

Recurring Characters: Joe Pesci, Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Debbie Rowe.


Weekend Update with Norm MacDonaldSummary: Rodney Dangerfield comments on what it’s like to be 75 years-old.

Bush performs “Swallowed”

The Gossip ShowSummary: Hyper Julie Brown (Cheri Oteri) lets loose with government secrets.

Recurring Characters: Julie Brown, Liz Smith, Michael Musto.

Acting WorkshopSummary: Acting teacher Bobby Colsman (Phil Hartman) continues to verbally abuse his acting students while name-dropping his D-List celebrity friends.

Recurring Characters: Bobby Colsman, Troy, Brian Kelly.

Bush performs “Insect Kin”

Soldiers Not Coming BackSummary: World War II general (Phil Hartman) tells his soldiers that most of them won’t be coming back.


FroongaSummary: The stacking wine glasses game is just the latest amusement from the dangerous Grelco product line.



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