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  Season 14: Episode 3

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October 22nd, 1988

John Larroquette

Randy Newman


Mark Knopfler

Tom Davis

Andy Murphy
Alien DukakisRecurring Characters: Michael Dukakis.



John Larroquette’s MonologueSummary: An egotistical John Larroquette declares himself “King of the Studio”, and dares anyone to try and dethrone him.

First Hosted: 86q.


Come Back to Carbon PaperTranscript

Dan Quayle: PresidentRecurring Characters: Dan Quayle.

Portrait of the ArtistSummary: A look back at the life of Pablo Picasso (Jon Lovitz), an artist perfectly willing to make an ass of himself in the same of his own greatness.

The Crests And Troughs Of Vernon Hawley Jr.Summary: Ex-drinking country singer Vernon Hawley Jr. (John Larroquette) belts out a few classics he can barely remember.


Vote Bush ISummary: Unlike Michael Dukakis, George Bush is tall.


Pete’s FountainSummary: A big-butt waitress (Nora Dunn) endures jokes about her posterior.

Vote Bush IISummary: Unlike Michael Dukakis, George Bush comes from an American-born family.


Randy Newman with Mark Knopfler performs “It’s Money That Matters”First Performed: 75b.

Bio: Mark Knopfler (1949-). Musician; lead guitarist-vocalist for Dire Straights.

Weekend Update with Dennis MillerRecurring Characters: Dennis Miller.

Restaurant Sex TalkSummary: Bill (Phil Hartman) and Cheryl (Nora Dunn) are discomforted by the relentless sex talk between Bob (John Larroquette) and Jackie (Victoria Jackson).


Randy Newman & Mark Knopfler perform “Dixie Flyer”

This Old HouseSummary: Handyman Bob Vila (John Larroquette) helps an expectant couple (Victoria Jackson, Kevin Nealon) fix up an old haunted house.


Vote Bush IIISummary: Unlike Michael Dukakis, George Bush comes from a whiter background.


Gay Communist Gun ClubSummary: Gay hunting buddies (John Larroquette, Phil Hartman) love to talk guns, Communism, and homosexuality with their callers.



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