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  Season 6: Episode 11

80k: Charlene Tilton / Todd Rundgren, Prince


.....Charlene Tilton
.....cast of SNL

(everyone is gathered on stage. Charles Rocket, cigarette in mouth, sits in a wheelchair wearing a robe, with a white bandage on his left clavicle. Charlene holds a pink balloon.)

Charlene Tilton: Charlie, how are you feeling after you've been shot?

Charles Rocket: Aw man, it's the first time I've ever been shot in my life. I'd like to know who the fuck did it.

(most of the cast reacts with excited shock)

Charlene Tilton: Okay! (lets out an excited scream, then kisses Charlie on the cheek. As the closing music plays, everyone waves goodbye, the audience applauds, and the credits start to roll.)

Don Pardo V/O: Saturday Night Live will be back in two weeks, when our host will be Bill Murray. This is Don Pardo saying, I'M the one who shot Charlie Rocket! I caught him fooling around with my wife, the lovely Mrs. Don Pardo. I used a Smith n'Wessun 32 which I purchased from the Spiegel catalogue, Chicago 60609. Good night.

(meanwhile on stage, Gilbert gets a big hug from Charlene. Looks like he got his wish.)

Submitted by: The G Man

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