SNL Transcripts: Art Garfunkel: 03/11/78


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  Season 3: Episode 13

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March 11th, 1978

Art Garfunkel

Stephen Bishop

Andy Kaufman

Lorne Michaels

Tom Davis

Jim Downey
Modern CrimesSummary: In a silent film, a pair of grave robbers (John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd) steal the recently-buried corpse of Charlie Chaplin (Gilda Radner).



Art Garfunkel’s MonologueSummary: Art Garfunkel receives feedback while performing “What a Wonderful World”, and it sets John Belushi on a rant about how NBC continues to negatively perceive the cast and crew of their late-night enterprise.


Kromega IIISummary: The watch so powerful that it takes three hands to operate.

Note: Repeat from: 77a.

TomorrowSummary: Tom Snyder (Dan Aykroyd) conducts an anonymous interview with Andy Strauss (Art Garfunkel), a man who is physically abused by his wife.

Recurring Characters: Tom Snyder.


Stephen Bishop performs “On & On”

Miracle In ChicagoSummary: Richard Daley (John Belushi)

KISS ConcertSummary: The backstage guard (John Belushi) at a KISS concert is vigilant about who he will or will not let in to visit the band.

Recurring Characters: Jerry Eldini.


Weekend Update with Jane Curtin & Dan AykroydSummary: Garrett Morris demonstrates an anti-clotting drug by viewing a microscopic slide of an old Mighty Nouse cartoon. Bill Murray reviews “Coming Home” and takes back every doubt he’s had about Jane Fondsa since the Hanoi incident.

Art Garfunkel performs “All I Know” & “Scarborough Fair”

Looks At BooksSummary: Jane Curtin interviews nerds Lisa Loopner (Gilda Radner) and Todd DiLaMuca (Bill Murray), the authors of “Whatever Happened to the Class of ’77”.

Recurring Characters: Lisa Loopner, Todd DiLaMuca.

Schiller’s Reel: Don’t Look Back In AngerSummary: An elderly John Belushi visits the early graves of the Not Ready for Prime Time Players.


Andy KaufmanSummary: Andy Kaufman attempts to read the entirety “The Great Gatsby”, much to the audience’s consternation.


The Looking For Mr. Goodbar Sleepytime PlaysetSummary: The toy that brings senseless sex and violence to a little girl’s (Gilda Radner) world.


Art Garfunkel performs “Crying In My Sleep”


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