SNL Transcripts: Jodie Foster: 11/27/76


 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 2: Episode 9

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November 27th, 1976

Jodie Foster

Brian Wilson


Chevy Chase

Jacqueline Carlin

Dave Wilson

Lorne Michaels

Neil Levy

Alan Zweibel

Anne Beatts

Marilyn Suzanne Miller

Tom Schiller

Michael O’Donoghue

Phasing Gilda OutSummary: Gilda Radner announces that she won’t be seen much in tonight’s episode.



Jodie Foster’s MonologueSummary: Jodie Foster explains that the cast and crew haven’t treated her any differently just because she’s SNL’s youngest host thus far.


Pilson’s Feedbag DinnersSummary: Chevy Chase endorses the dinners for people who are always on the go.


Believe In BeesSummary: Wendy (Jodie Foster) meets Bee Peter Pan (Laraine Newman) and Tinkerbee (John Belushi), but doesn’t take their existence seriously.

Recurring Characters: Bees.


Brian Wilson performs “Back Home”

Rovco’s Puberty HelperSummary: As a manic pitchman (Dan Aykroyd) promotes the product, Jodie Foster demonstrates how it works to cure teen trauma.


Metal DetectorSummary: The metal detector at an airport reveals a traveler’s (Dan Aykroyd) bizarre fetish.


Weekend Update with Jane CurtinSummary: Jane Curtin asks President-Elect Jimmy Carter (Dan Aykroyd) a trivia question about Generalissimo Franco over the phone. Fake footage shows Christina and Jackie Onassis mud-wrestling. Jane Curtin reads viewer suggestions on how Morris the Cat can commit suicide.

What Kinda Guy Watches Saturday Night?Summary: Steve Bushakis (John Belushi) reveals that he’s the kinda guy who watches SNL.

Recurring Characters: Steve Bushakis.


Brian Wilson performs “Love is a Woman”

Little Known Talents Of The Not Ready For Prime-Time PlayersSummary: Gilda Radner and Laraine Newman demonstrate talents that include an impression of a possessed chicken.

Don Pardo: The First 50 YearsSummary: Don Pardo’s life history is acted out by the cast.


Jodie’s TeacherSummary: Jodie Foster hopes to make summer plans with her teacher, Mr. Davis (Dan Aykroyd).


Kids’ DreamsSummary: Kids talk about their dreams in a film by Gary Weis.

The King Kong DirgeSummary: Garrett Morris sings a dirge about King Kong.

I’m Not BlackSummary: A husband (Garrett Morris) learns the horrifying truth about his wife (Jane Curtin).


Mr. Mike’s Least-Loved Bedtime TalesSummary: Mr. Mike (Michael O’Donoghue) tells the story of “The Little Train That Died.”

Recurring Characters: Mr. Mike.


Brian Wilson performs “Good Vibrations”


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George Thune
George Thune
2 years ago

How can I get a copy of Garrett Morris singing Kong Kong?