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  Season 2: Episode 8

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November 20th, 1976

Paul Simon

George Harrison


Chevy Chase

Lorne Michaels

Neil Levy

Marilyn Suzanne Miller

Rosie Shuster

Paul Simon’s Monologue WorriesSummary: Paul Simon arrives at 30 Rockefeller Plaza before the show feeling worried about performing his monologue, and says so to hanger-on Chevy Chase, who’s playing guitar outside the lobby. Upstairs, Lorne Michaels haggles with George Harrison, who thinks he should get his fourth of the money offered to The Beatles for agreeing to be tonight’s musical guest.



Paul Simon’s MonologueSummary: Paul Simon feels ridiculous for agreeing to sing “Still Crazy After All These Years” while wearing a turkey costume.

First Hosted: 75b.


QuarrySummary: The all-rock cereal that’s chock full of minerals.


Paul Simon performs “50 Ways To Leave Your Lover”

Baba Wawa At LargeSummary: Henry Kissinger (John Belushi) discusses his career with Baba Wawa (Gilda Radner).

Recurring Characters: Barbara Walters, Henry Kissinger.

The Twilite ZoneSummary: Rod Serling (Dan Aykroyd) traps three would-be Hollywood starlets in a motel room.

Recurring Characters: Rod Serling.


Next WeekSummary: Garrett Morris announces next week’s show.


Weekend Update with Jane CurtinSummary: Laraine Newman reports on Nazi war criminals while eating at a diner. Jane Curtin invites viewers to suggest a way for Morris the Cat to commit suicide. Dr. Garrett Morris announces that he has discovered a new strain of gonorrhea.


Paul Simon and George Harrison perform “Here Comes The Sun”Bio: George Harrison (19-2001). Singer-songwriter; as former ?? of The Beatles, wrote and performed hits including “Here Comes the Sun”, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”, “Something”; later member of The Traveling Wilburys; stabbed in his home.

Paul Simon and George Harrison perform “Homeward Bound”

“Crackerbox Palace”Summary: Music video features George Harrison and Neil Innes.

The Story of Billy PaulSummary: Billy Paul (Paul Simon) defends civil rights at ice cream parlor.

Recurring Characters: Sherry.


Paul Simon performs “Something So Right”

TomorrowSummary: Tom Snyder (Dan Aykroyd) discovers that he has confused Paul Simon for a truck driver with the same name.

Recurring Characters: Tom Snyder.

“This Song”

Paul Simon performs “Bridge Over Troubled Water”


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