SNL Transcripts: Dick Cavett: 11/13/76


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  Season 2: Episode 7

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November 13th, 1976

Dick Cavett

Ry Cooder


Joe Dicso

Chevy Chase

Tom Schiller

Alan Zweibel

Neil Levy

Michael O’Donoghue

Tom Davis

Al Franken
Chroma-TrakSummary: Chroma-Trak girl Gilda Radner’s colors aren’t what they appear to be when viewed on Garrett Morris’ television.



Dick Cavett’s MonologueSummary: Dick Cavett fills in for Elliott Gould, then reads and answers questions submitted by the audience.


Puppy Uppers/Doggie DownersSummary: The right mix of uppers and downers to keep your dog peppy and under control.


Blonde AmbitionSummary: In his memoirs, John Dean (Dick Cavett) recalls how then-President Richard Nixon (Dan Aykroyd) tried to pin Watergate on him.

Recurring Characters: Richard Nixon, John Dean, Maureen Dean, Henry Kissinger.


Ry Cooder performs “Tattler”

Weekend Update with Jane CurtinSummary: Laraine Newman reports on the recent cremation of Smokey the Bear.


The MarinesSummary: A gay Marine (Garrett Morris) tries to pick up a few good men.


CrossroadsSummary: A communications breakdown persists.

Mobile ShrinkSummary: In a preview for new Fall programming, Chevy Chase plays a psychiatrist who makes housecalls wherever a patient is currently located.


How Things WorkSummary: Mr. Merle Tadburney (Dick Cavett) explains to Jane Curtin how pressure groups work, and how they enabled him to become a guest on tonight’s show.


The Paramount Novelty StoreSummary: Gary Weis’ short film chronicles a novelty store owner who has to explain the joke of each item in her inventory.

Note: Repeat from 1/24/76.

The Bee HeritageSummary: How a pair of bees (John Belsuhi, Laraine Newman) overcame past discrimination.

Recurring Characters: Bees.

Ry Cooder performs “He’ll Have To Go”

Mr. Mike’s Least-Loved Bedtime TalesSummary: Mr. Mike (Michael O’Donoghue) tells the story of “The Blind Chicken.”

Recurring Characters: Mr. Mike.


Funny Word SurveySummary: Scientists Al Franken and Tom Davis find out which random words from the dictionary are the funniest.



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