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  Season 1: Episode 14

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January 24th, 1976

Peter Cook

Dudley Moore

Neil Sedaka


George Coe

Alan Zweibel

Tom Schiller

Willie Day

Richard Belzer

Tom Davis

Neil Levy

Anne Beatts

Michael O’Donoghue

Season 1: Order Now!free website hit counter Ford’s PsychiatristSummary: President Ford’s (Chevy Chase) psychiatrist (Dan Aykroyd) administers a word association test prior to Ford’s crashing through the office wall.

Recurring Characters: President Gerald Ford.



Desi Arnaz’s MonologueSummary: Desi Arnaz raves about the “special” cigars given to him by the cast.

Bio: Cuban musician Desi Arnaz (1917-86) founded Desilu Productions with wife Lucille Ball, where he developed the multicamera setup production style that would become the sitcom standard. He produced “I Love Lucy”, “Make Room For Daddy”, the pilot episode of “The Untouchables”, and a handle of other programs. He and Lucille Ball divorced in 1960.


National Express CardSummary: His National Express Card enables Rubin Carter (Garrett Morris) to be recognized in prison.

Recurring Characters: Rubin Carter.


40th BirthdaySummary: A husband’s (Chevy Chase) plans for fabulous sex on his 40th birthday turn sour in the bedroom, so his wife (Jane Curtin) and their guests gather together to try and cheer him up.


Luciana Vermicelli’s Beauty RegimenSummary: Luciana Vermicelli (Laraine Newman) pops out of a coffin to tell viewers the secret of her beauty regimen.


Literary RecitalSummary: Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky is butchered when Desi Arnaz reads it in his Cuban accent.

Very WhiteSummary: Preppy performer Very White (Chevy Chase) delivers a soulful narration of his love for his woman.


Failed “I Love Lucy” PilotsSummary: Desi Arnaz shows the audience clips of himself (Desi Arnaz, Jr.) and Lucille Ball (Gilda Radner) in some oddly-titled “I Love Lucy” pilots.

Recurring Characters: Lucille Ball.


Weekend Update with Chevy ChaseSummary: An artist’s rendering of the Patty Hearst trial is comprised of a Betty Boop cartoon.


SpeedSummary: Diet pill lets housewife (Anne Beatts) get lots of work done.

Note: Repeat from 11/22/75.

The UntouchablesSummary: Eliot Ness (Dan Aykroyd) successfully captures drug kingpin Raoul Nitti (Desi Arnaz) when his wife, Lucy (Gilda Radner) packs the wrong machine gun.


Lucy & EthelSummary: Lucy Ricardo (Gilda Radner) shows Ethel (Jane Curtin) various costumes she’ll use to sneak into Ricky’s club.

Recurring Characters: Lucille Ball.

Desi Arnaz & Desi Arnaz, Jr. perform “Cuban Pete”Bio: The second child of Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Jr. (1953-) was worked into the storyline of “I Love Lucy” during Ball’s pregnancy, which broke new ground in allowing a character to be pregnant on television. As a newborn baby, he appeared on the first cover of TV Guide.

Gary Weis FilmSummary: “Taylor’s Cat” features Taylor Mead’s cat getting high on catnip.

Cuban AcupunctureSummary: A Cuban acupuncturist (Desi Arnaz) uses cigars to cure his patient’s (John Belushi) headaches.

Understanding MenSummary: A frustrated Judy (Laraine Newman) cites poor communcation as a reason to break up with Matt (Chevy Chase), who uses a series of nonsense words she can’t understand in order to break up with her first.


Bisexual MinuteSummary: Jane Curtin recalls one of America’s earliest lesbian affairs.


Desi’s BookSummary: Lucille Ball (Gilda Radner) comments on Desi Arnaz’s new book.

Recurring Characters: Lucille Ball.


Desi Arnaz & Desi Arnaz, Jr. perform “Babalu”


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