SNL Transcripts: Buck Henry: 01/17/76: “King Bee”


75j: Buck Henry / Bill Withers, Toni Basil, The Blues Brothers

“King Bee”

…Buck Henry
Jake Blues…John Belushi
Elwood Blues…Dan Aykroyd
…Howard Shore and his All-Bee Band

[Open on close-up of Buck Henry as the song “King Bee” begins playing]

Buck Henry: And they say they don’t know where the new comics are coming from. Anyway, here’s Howard Shore and his All-Bee Band.

[Applause. Dissolve to close-up of lead singer Jake Blues. He and his silent partner Elwood are both dressed as Bees. Elwood plays harmonica, accompanied by the All-Bee Band]

Jake Blues: All right! All right. All right, now, are you ready for the blues? Lemme hear you say “Yeah!” Yeah! All right, all right. Are you feelin’ all right? Lemme hear you say “Yeah!” Yeah! All right, all right, now how many people out there, how many men out there ever had an old lady leave ’em? Lemme hear you say “Yeah!” Yeah! All right, everybody, that’s everybody, that’s everybody. All right. Well, lemme give you some free advice, all right? You know, my old lady comes up to me and she says “You been messin’ around.” My old la-deees come up to me and they say “You been messin’ around with some other women.” And I say “Honey, honey, you just take me as I am or you just let me be.” That’s right

[sings] ‘Cause I’m a king bee buzzin’ ’round your hive
Well I’m a king bee, baby, buzzin’ ’round your hive
Well I can make honey, baby, let me come inside.

Well I’m a king bee, I want you to be my queen, yeah
I’m a king bee, baby, want you to be my queen
Well, together we can make honey, baby, the world has never seen.

Okay, let’s buzz a while!

Buzz buzz (buzz buzz), Buzz buzz (buzz buzz)
Buzz buzz (buzz buzz), Buzz buzz (buzz buzz)

Well sting me, baby! [Jake does a few cartwheels and somersaults]

I’m a king bee, I can buzz all night long
Well I’m a king bee, baby, I can buzz all night long
Well I can buzz better, baby, when your man is…
When your man is…
When your maaan is…

[low, quaking voice] When yo’ maaan…
[Rapidly] When-your-man-is…
[unintelligible yell]…
When your man is gone!

[Jake climbs onto a stool and jumps off, lying on stage as Elwood and the band finish the song. Applause and fade]

Submitted by: John Ravetti

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