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  Season 26: Episode 2

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October 14th, 2000

Kate Hudson



Nomar Garciaparra
Second Presidential DebateSummary: In their second debate monitored by Jim Lehrer (Chris Parnell), Al Gore (Darrell Hammond) and George W. Bush (Will Ferrell) agree on all the issues.

Recurring Characters: George W. Bush, Al Gore, Jim Lehrer.


Kate Hudson’s MonologueSummary: Kate Hudson is reunited with the other children of former “Laugh-In” stars.

Girls Gone Wild!Summary: During a visit home from college, a co-ed (Kate Hudson) is horrified when her parents (Will Ferrell, Molly Shannon) recognize her on a commercial for an X-rated Spring Break video.


TV FunhouseSummary: Robert Smigel present the X-Presidents.

Inside The Actors StudioSummary: James Lipton (Will Ferrell) interviews the delightful Drew Barrymore (Kate Hudson).

Recurring Characters: James Lipton, Drew Barrymore.


Boston TeensSummary: Sully (Jimmy Fallon) is excited when he discovers that his older sister (Kate Hudson) is dating Nomar!

Recurring Characters: Sully, Denise, Frank.


Radiohead performs “The National Anthem”

Weekend Update with Jimmy Fallon & Tina FeySummary: Jimmy Fallon reviews “Meet The Parents” by repeating the title as a catch phrase. President Bill Clinton (Darrell Hammond) doesn’t fancy Al Gore or George W. Bush as his worthy successor.

Recurring Characters: President Bill Clinton.


WoodrowSummary: Kate Hudson is enchanted by the sewer home of Woodrow the bum (Tracy Morgan).

Recurring Characters: Woodrow.


Meet The PressSummary: Tim Russert (Darrell Hammond) makes Hillary Clinton (Ana Gasteyer) out to be a fool.

Recurring Characters: Tim Russert, Hillary Clinton.


Rabun To ShuriSummary: The Japanese version of “Laverne & Shirley.”


Vote Sober 2000Summary: A friendly reminder from the cast to not vote while intoxicated.



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